Road freight with focus on efficiency and reliability

We put technology in the service of optimization of urban & regional road freight

With our growing network of trusted carriers, we help shippers get technology-enabled access to highly available freight capacity and we increase earnings for drivers, all while making cost savings for everyone and eliminating carbon emissions for our planet.

Helping shippers and carriers to smarter road freight

Reliable and flexible capacity

Enjoy great planning capabilities and reliability as if running your own fleet, with the flexibility of a broker.

Save money and time

As the shipment volumes increase so does the efficiency of our network. All translated into cost savings for your organization.

High quality standards

We use technology to offer a great user experience with tools such as tracking, monitoring and an advanced notification system to put the control in your hands.

Better capacity utilization

Our technology gives carriers visibility to relevant loads. With automated suggestions on route planning and system generated recommendations for connecting trips we help keep your truck loaded more.

Technology enabled sales

Get access to more sales, from the convenience of your mobile phone. All according to your own preferences and with the assistance of our real-time quotation facility. No more phone calls and answering emails.

Reduce the hassle

We can take all that administration workload off your hands. Let us take care of documentation handling and invoice management so you can focus on what really matters.

Road freight done responsibly

Shippers choose our network to decrease their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals

Our technology helps reduce carbon emissions in road freight by enabling carriers to connect shipments and run more efficient trips. We help eliminate empty drives where possible and improve capacity utilisation for the carriers that are connected to our network.

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