Truckbeat is a digital road freight network connecting shippers to the right carriers.

The Shipper Experience

With our in-house developed platform, we enable shippers to access small and medium sized carriers, simplifying transport sourcing and optimizing operations.

The Carrier Experience

We make it possible for carriers to access shipments directly, significantly improving their efficiency and offering them a series of services that allows them to focus on their core business.

The Ecosystem

We are building one ecosystem, both for shippers and carriers, to tackle old problems and thereby creating a new digital solution focusing on flexibility, transparency and efficiency.

Our vision

Accelerate the road freight industry into the digitalisation era

We are technology driven and data centric

We believe in simplicity when solving complexity

We bring carriers into the future with help of technology

What is Truckbeat and what we do - and why it is important!

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In our past lives, we have faced some of the big challenges in the digitalisation of road freight. We have seen first-hand how marketplaces can introduce a tremendous upside to all involved parties when spun right; yes, doing good by all parties is very much at the core of success. We have a solid understanding of the value of data in improving operations and the value of actually being data-driven. We're currently two founders (Thanos and Manfred) and a small team, recently backed by a top Nordic VC and we are growing.

We have spent the last year or so fully immersed in the space, we have had dozens of dialogs with actors in the road freight industry, from supply chain managers, to logistics developers and warehouse managers, to traditional freight forwarders and brokers, small and larger carriers and beyond.

We have been building our product and conducting pilots with forward thinking players in the industry. We have listened carefully, tried things, got feedback and made learnings in the direction of bringing the industry forward in the digitalisation era.

Connect with us if you want to find out more and join our journey. Coffee is on us - let's talk!

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We are an inclusive company that is driven by innovation, customer obsession and sustainability. We are convinced there is always a better version of things and we insist on consistently delivering results of the highest standards. We believe in action over inertia and we trust data to help us hit the target. When we miss the target, we listen, research, learn and improve fast. We believe it’s fun to keep developing and we like doing good.

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We have multiple open positions and offices in Stockholm and Thessaloniki. We're always on the lookout for new talents to join our team. Here's some open positions.

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