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Truckbeat is a digital road freight marketplace, connecting shippers and regional or local range carriers. With our in-house developed platform, we enable shippers access medium and smaller size freight operators, simplify transport sourcing and optimize operations. We also make it possible for carriers to access shipments transparently, significantly improve efficiency or their operations and benefit from a series of services that allows them to focus on their core business. We are building an ecosystem to tackle old problems and create a new digital solution focusing on flexibility, transparency, efficiency and sustainability.

Our mission

Our mission is to digitalize road freight and with the power of data set new standards of flexibility, transparency, efficiency and sustainability.


We are an inclusive company that is driven by innovation, customer obsession and sustainability. We are convinced there is always a better version of things and we insist on consistently delivering results of the highest standards. We believe in action over inertia and we trust data to help us hit the target. When we miss the target, we listen, research, learn and improve fast. We believe it’s fun to keep developing and we like doing good.

The team

At Truckbeat we settle for nothing less than a great team and strong culture. In our team we have a solid understanding of the transport industry and complementing skills beyond that. With our minds set on innovation and sustainability we strive daily to build new possibilities in road freight. Our goal is to create tomorrow’s digital and smarter transport solutions.

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