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We provide carriers with easy access to loads within the areas and times they prefer, all from the convenience of their mobile phones.

  • Find more loads on the market
  • Tech-enabled sales & operations improve your business
  • Reduce the hassle and focus on what matters

Here’s why you should join our growing network

Our target is to be your advanced technology partner that helps you optimise your daily operations and find loads that complement and extend your business. Be part of making road freight efficient, simpler and greener.

Better capacity utilization

We are constantly developing and improving our technology so that you can keep your truck loaded more. You are getting access to relevant loads so that you don’t have to run empty.

  • Route planning technology built-in

  • Automatic recommendations for connecting trips

  • Fill up your capacity on the way

Technology-enabled sales

Find and book loads in minutes over our desktop or mobile app. We also make sure to notify you when we think there are new loads that are good for you.

  • Search, filter and find the best loads

  • See shipper & load details before booking

  • Use preferences to assist sales

Reduce the hassle

We know no one likes the overhead of all the administration workload. We help you save time and resources and let you focus on your business.

  • Upload delivery documents electronically

  • We do all the invoicing for the loads you book through us

  • Increased insurance options available

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